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 +=====Writing to the screen using the Windows API=====
 +//by Richard Russell, November 2006//\\ \\  Normally you would write to the screen using BBC BASIC'​s built-in text and graphics statements; see the main help documentation (particularly [[http://​​bbcwin/​manual/​bbcwin3.html#​title3|Graphics and Colours]] and [[http://​​~rrussell/​bbcwin/​manual/​bbcwin8.html#​title8|VDU Emulation]]). However there may be circumstances when you need to use the Windows API instead, for example when the built-in statements do not provide the required features, or when you need to ensure that the screen and printer outputs are as similar as possible (e.g. a **Print Preview** facility).\\ \\  There are two principal ways of outputting to the screen via the Windows API, one using the **Graphics Device Interface** (GDI) and the other using the **GDI Plus** interface (GDI+).\\ \\ 
 +===== Writing to the screen using GDI =====
 +\\  For information on writing to the screen using the Windows Graphics Device Interface see the article [[/​Writing%20graphics%20to%20the%20printer|Writing graphics to the printer]], and particularly the note at the end entitled **Writing to the screen**. All the Windows GDI functions described in that article are equally applicable to writing to the screen.\\ \\ 
 +===== Writing to the screen using GDI+ =====
 +\\  For information on writing to the screen using the Windows GDI Plus interface see the section in the main help documentation entitled [[http://​​bbcwin/​manual/​bbcwing.html#​gdiplib|Antialiased graphics]].
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