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Profiler Utility

by Michael Hutton 16/11/2009

Version 4.0 (beta) is available Profiler v4,0 (beta) Click the link and choose 'Run'.

You can now start and stop the profiler from within your program by using the following code.




This enables you restrict the profiling to the blocks of code you are interested in. A new 'Start with Timer Running' option enables you to start the profiling immediately or only when it encounters a REM!PROF_ON statement.

Important: Ensure that each statement is on its own line and don't add comments after the REM statement. This is because they are replaced with statements which control the timer. If you do Profiler will generate an error and close automatically so you won't see anything. You may also notice that the REM statements take a *very small* proportion of the time being profiled.

I will leave this as a beta version until enough feedback is collected. You can download the original version at


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