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Playing an MP3 file

by Richard Russell, May 2015

This is a very simple, no-frills, way of playing an MP3 music file:

      mp3file% = OPENIN("*.mp3")
      IF mp3file% = 0 THEN QUIT
      CLOSE #mp3file%
      mp3file$ = $$!420
      PROCmci("open """ + mp3file$ + """ type mpegvideo alias music")
      PROCmci("play music")
      DEF PROCmci(cmd$)
      LOCAL R%, S%
      DIM R% LOCAL 128
      SYS "mciSendString", cmd$, R%, 128, 0 TO S%
      IF S% ERROR 100, "mciSendString failed: " + STR$(S%)

If you want the MP3 file to be played repeatedly you can change the play command to:

      PROCmci("play music repeat")
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