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Listing the contents of a directory (Unicode)

by Richard Russell, September 2014

See also Listing the contents of a directory

The main help documentation contains the routine PROClistdirectory which lists all the files in the current directory, but it only returns ANSI filenames. If a file or directory contains a non-ANSI character (e.g. from a different alphabet) it will be returned as a question mark. If you want to see these names with their true characters you can use the routine listed below. This returns the file and directory names as UTF-8 strings. Note that you will need to select a font which contains the required characters.

        CP_UTF8 = &FDE9
        VDU 23,22,640;512;8,16,16,128+8 : REM Select UTF-8 mode
        *font Courier New
        DEF PROClistdirectory_utf8
        LOCAL dir%, sh%, res%, utf8%
        DIM dir% LOCAL 591, utf8% LOCAL 260
        SYS "FindFirstFileW", "*"+CHR$0+CHR$0+CHR$0, dir% TO sh%
        IF sh% <> -1 THEN
            SYS "WideCharToMultiByte", CP_UTF8, 0, dir%+44, -1, utf8%, 260, 0, 0
            PRINT $$utf8%
            SYS "FindNextFileW", sh%, dir% TO res%
          UNTIL res% = 0
          SYS "FindClose", sh%
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