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{{lbblogo.gif}} ====== LB Booster ====== ---- \\ This Wiki contains a set of technical articles for //Liberty BASIC// and //Just BASIC// programmers using [[|LB Booster]] (LBB) to develop and/or compile their applications. You can simply browse the contents using the **Contents** list below, or search for a word or phrase by typing it into the **Search** box (top right). Most importantly, //you// can contribute to the Wiki by submitting your own articles and adding to or correcting existing ones. To do this you must be a member of this site; if you would like to join click **Register** at the top of the page. When adding content to the wiki you are bound by the [[|licence]]. If you do not want to release your work under this licence, please do not submit articles. Please make sure that your articles are well-structured, that the grammar and spelling are correct (to the best of your ability!) and that any code examples are thoroughly tested. The usefulness of this site is entirely dependent on the quality of the articles submitted. ==== Adding articles ==== - Type the name of your new page in the **Search** box (top right) and click on the magnifying glass icon. Please include **LBB** in the page name to distinguish it from //BBC BASIC// pages! - Assuming the new page doesn't already exist, it will report 'Nothing was found'. - Click on the 'pencil with plus sign' icon on the right, to create the new page. - Type or paste in your article, using this [[wiki:syntax|formatting syntax]]. If you want to experiment with editing without actually submitting a page use the [[playground:playground|playground]]. - Use the **Preview** button to see how your page will appear, and make changes as needed. - Submit the page by clicking on **Save**. - Add your article to this index page (**Contents** list below) or, if you are unsure whether it is ready for that, post a message to the [[|LBB forum]] requesting that it be reviewed. ==== Contents ==== * [[/Arabic%20text%20on%20the%20mainwin%20and%20printer%20%28LBB%29|Arabic text on the mainwin and printer (LBB)]] * [[/Array%20arithmetic|Array arithmetic]] * [[/Associating%20an%20application%20with%20an%20extension%20%28LBB%29|Associating an application with an extension (LBB)]] * [[/Colored%20text%20in%20the%20mainwin|Colored text in the mainwin]] * [[/Compatibility%20with%20Wine%20%28LBB%29|Compatibility with Wine (LBB)]] * [[/Creating%20a%20CHM%20version%20of%20the%20LB%20Help%20files|Creating a CHM version of the LB Help files]] * [[/Creating%20child%20controls%20in%20a%20loop|Creating child controls in a loop]] * [[/Date%20Formatting%20Extended%20Functionality|Date Formatting Extended Functionality]] * [[/Debugging%20Techniques%20%28LBB%29|Debugging Techniques]] * [[/Displaying%20a%20tooltip%20on%20demand%20%28LBB%29|Displaying a tooltip on demand]] * [[/Displaying%20Unicode%20text%20in%20a%20control|Displaying Unicode text in a control]] * [[/Displaying%20Unicode%20text%20in%20a%20graphicbox|Displaying Unicode text in a graphicbox]] * [[/DLLs%20compatible%20with%20LBB|DLLs compatible with LBB]] * [[/Enabling%20word-wrap%20in%20a%20texteditor%20%28LBB%29|Enabling word-wrap in a texteditor (LBB)]] * [[/High%20quality%20hardcopy%20output%20%28LBB%29|High quality hardcopy output (LBB)]] * [[/Improving%20the%20print%20quality|Improving the print quality]] * [[/Islamic%20calendar%20conversion%20%28LBB%29|Islamic calendar conversion (LBB)]] * [[/Making%20a%20Text%20Window%20read-only%20%28LBB%29|Making a Text Window read-only (LBB)]] * [[/Making%20the%20title%20bar%20opaque%20%28LBB%29|Making the title bar opaque (LBB)]] * [[/Object%20Oriented%20Programming%20%28LBB%29|Object Oriented Programming (LBB)]] * [[/On%20Screen%20Keyboard|On Screen Keyboard]] * [[/Overcoming%20the%20memory%20limit|Overcoming the memory limit]] * [[/Passing%20arrays%20to%20SUBs%20and%20FUNCTIONs|Passing arrays to SUBs and FUNCTIONs]] * [[/Playing%20an%20MP3%20file%20%28LBB%29|Playing an MP3 file (LBB)]] * [[/QBASIC-compatible%20music|QBASIC-compatible music]] * [[/Redim%20Preserve|Redim Preserve]] * [[/Simulating%20a%20union%20%28LBB%29|Simulating a union (LBB)]] * [[/Speech%20synthesis%20%28LBB%29|Speech synthesis (LBB)]] * [[/Speeding%20up%20graphics%20plotting|Speeding up graphics plotting]] * [[/Sprites%20in%20multiple%20windows%20%28LBB%29|Sprites in multiple windows (LBB)]] * [[/Using%20LBB%20with%20Liberty%20BASIC%20Workshop|Using LBB with Liberty BASIC Workshop]] * [[/Using%28%29%20Format%20Extended%20Functionality|Using() Format Extended Functionality]]

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