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 +=====Installing both demo and full versions=====
 +//by Richard Russell, May 2007//\\ \\  If you want to write programs which will run with the free demo (evaluation) version of //BBC BASIC for Windows// you may well want to have easy access to that version on your desktop. At the same time you probably won't want to lose convenient access to the full version. Installing both versions, so that each is accessible via its own desktop shortcut, is quite straightforward and can be achieved as follows:\\ \\ 
 +  - Download and install [[http://​​bbcwin/​bbcwdemo.exe|BBCWDEMO.EXE]].
 +  - Rename the desktop shortcut created so that it clearly refers to the demo version.
 +  - Download and install [[http://​​bbcwin/​upgrade.exe|UPGRADE.EXE]].
 +\\  To rename the desktop shortcut you can right-click it and select **Rename** from the menu.\\ \\  If you've not yet installed the full version, replace step **3** with a full installation from your master **Setup.exe** file.\\ \\  You should now have two desktop shortcuts, one to the full version and one to the demo version.\\ \\  When an upgrade to //BBC BASIC for Windows// is released, updating both demo and full versions is simply a case of repeating steps 1 and 3 above, **in that order**. You should not have to repeat step 2.
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