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Line 18: Line 18:
   * [[/​Drawing%20text%20with%20a%20translucent%20dropshadow|Drawing text with a translucent dropshadow]]   * [[/​Drawing%20text%20with%20a%20translucent%20dropshadow|Drawing text with a translucent dropshadow]]
   * [[/​Drawing%20outside%20the%20window|Drawing outside the window]]   * [[/​Drawing%20outside%20the%20window|Drawing outside the window]]
 +  * [[/​drawing_to_an_in-memory_bitmap_texture|Drawing to an in-memory bitmap/​texture]]
   * [[/​Extracting%20a%20file%27s%20thumbnail|Extracting a file's thumbnail]]   * [[/​Extracting%20a%20file%27s%20thumbnail|Extracting a file's thumbnail]]
   * [[/​finding_image_file_dimensions|Finding image file dimensions]]   * [[/​finding_image_file_dimensions|Finding image file dimensions]]
Line 34: Line 35:
   * [[/​Using%20larger%20colour%20palettes|Using larger colour palettes]]   * [[/​Using%20larger%20colour%20palettes|Using larger colour palettes]]
   * [[/​Writing%20to%20the%20screen%20using%20the%20Windows%20API|Writing to the screen using the Windows API]]   * [[/​Writing%20to%20the%20screen%20using%20the%20Windows%20API|Writing to the screen using the Windows API]]
 +  ​
 ==== 3D graphics ==== ==== 3D graphics ====
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