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Fetching a secure web page

by Richard Russell, July 2009, updated July 2018

The procedure listed below fetches the contents of a secure (https:) web page to a specified file; it uses the OpenSSL library and requires the files libssl-1_1.dll and libcrypto-1_1.dll to be available. They can be obtained from this page; download and install Win32OpenSSL_Light-1_1_0h.exe from there. You should normally choose the option of installing the DLLs in the Windows system directory.

If you want to distribute libssl-1_1.dll and libcrypto-1_1.dll with your application then store them in @dir$ and embed them in the executable. Alternatively you can put them in @lib$ (or a sub-directory) but in that case you will need to amend the procedure below to load them explicitly from that location.

The procedure should be called in the following context:

      port$ = "443" : REM https
      host$ = ""
      page$ = "/sslcheck.html"
      file$ = @tmp$ + "sslcheck.html"
      PROCsslfetch(port$, host$, page$, file$)

This fetches the page to the file sslcheck.html.

Here is the procedure:

      DEF PROCsslfetch(port$, host$, page$, file$)
      LOCAL libssl%, libeay%, meth%, ctx%, sock%, temp%, res%, ssl%, sbio%, file%
      LOCAL req$, buf&()
      FIONBIO = &8004667E
      BIO_NOCLOSE = 0
      BUFSIZ = 256
      SYS "LoadLibrary", "libcrypto-1_1.dll" TO libeay%
      IF libeay% = 0 PROCsslcleanup : ERROR 100, "Cannot load libcrypto-1_1.dll"
      SYS "GetProcAddress", libeay%, "BIO_new_socket"   TO `BIO_new_socket`
      SYS "LoadLibrary", "libssl-1_1.dll" TO libssl%
      IF libssl% = 0 PROCsslcleanup : ERROR 100, "Cannot load libssl-1_1.dll"
      SYS "GetProcAddress", libssl%, "TLSv1_2_method"   TO `TLSv1_2_method`
      SYS "GetProcAddress", libssl%, "SSL_CTX_new"      TO `SSL_CTX_new`
      SYS "GetProcAddress", libssl%, "SSL_new"          TO `SSL_new`
      SYS "GetProcAddress", libssl%, "SSL_set_bio"      TO `SSL_set_bio`
      SYS "GetProcAddress", libssl%, "SSL_connect"      TO `SSL_connect`
      SYS "GetProcAddress", libssl%, "SSL_write"        TO `SSL_write`
      SYS "GetProcAddress", libssl%, "SSL_read"         TO `SSL_read`
      SYS "GetProcAddress", libssl%, "SSL_CTX_free"     TO `SSL_CTX_free`
      REM Create SSL context:
      SYS `TLSv1_2_method` TO meth%
      SYS `SSL_CTX_new`, meth% TO ctx%
      IF ctx% = 0 PROCsslcleanup : ERROR 100, "SSL_CTX_new failed"
      REM Connect the TCP socket:
      sock% = FN_tcpconnect(host$, port$)
      IF sock% < 0 PROCsslcleanup : ERROR 100, "Cannot connect to " + host$
      temp% = 0
      SYS `ioctlsocket`, sock%, FIONBIO, ^temp% TO res%
      IF res% PROCsslcleanup : ERROR 105, "Cannot set socket to blocking"
      REM Connect the SSL socket:
      SYS `SSL_new`, ctx% TO ssl%
      SYS `BIO_new_socket`, sock%, BIO_NOCLOSE TO sbio%
      SYS `SSL_set_bio`, ssl%, sbio%, sbio%
      SYS `SSL_connect`, ssl% TO res%
      IF res% <= 0 PROCsslcleanup : ERROR 100, "SSL connect failed: " + STR$res%
      REM Request the page:
      req$  = "GET " + page$ + " HTTP/1.0" + CHR$13 + CHR$10
      req$ += "User-Agent: BB4W" + CHR$13 + CHR$10
      req$ += "Host: " + host$ + ":" + port$ + CHR$13 + CHR$10
      req$ += CHR$13 + CHR$10
      SYS `SSL_write`, ssl%, req$, LEN(req$) TO res%
      IF res% <> LEN(req$) PROCsslcleanup : ERROR 100, "SSL write failed: " + STR$res%
      REM Copy the requested page to a file:
      DIM buf&(BUFSIZ-1)
      file% = OPENOUT(file$)
        SYS `SSL_read`, ssl%, ^buf&(0), BUFSIZ TO res%
        IF res% > 0 SYS "WriteFile", @hfile%(file%), ^buf&(0), res%, ^temp%, 0
      UNTIL res% <= 0
      CLOSE #file%
      IF res% PROCsslcleanup : ERROR 100, "SSL read failed: " + STR$res%
      REM Tidy up before exit:
      DEF PROCsslcleanup
      sock% += 0 : IF sock% PROC_closesocket(sock%) : sock% = 0
      ctx% += 0 :  IF ctx% SYS `SSL_CTX_free`, ctx% : ctx% = 0
      libssl% += 0 : IF libssl% SYS "FreeLibrary", libssl% : libssl% = 0
      libeay% += 0 : IF libeay% SYS "FreeLibrary", libeay% : libeay% = 0
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