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=====Displaying a PNG or TIFF image===== //by Richard Russell, November 2010, amended January 2012//\\ \\ BBC BASIC for Windows provides the [[|*DISPLAY]] command to display on the screen an image contained in a **BMP** file, and the main [[|Help documentation]] describes how to display a **GIF** or **JPEG** image. If you want to display a **PNG** or **TIFF** image you can use the code listed below:\\ \\ DEF PROCdisplay(pic$, xpos%, ypos%, xsize%, ysize%) LOCAL tSI{}, pic%, gdip%, image%, ix%, iy%, gfx%, lGDIP% DIM pic% LOCAL 513 SYS "MultiByteToWideChar", 0, 0, pic$, -1, pic%, 256 SYS "LoadLibrary", "GDIPLUS.DLL" TO gdip% IF gdip% = 0 ERROR 100, "Couldn't load GDIPLUS.DLL" SYS "GetProcAddress", gdip%, "GdiplusStartup" TO `GdiplusStartup` SYS "GetProcAddress", gdip%, "GdipLoadImageFromFile" TO `GdipLoadImageFromFile` SYS "GetProcAddress", gdip%, "GdipDrawImageRectRectI" TO `GdipDrawImageRectRectI` SYS "GetProcAddress", gdip%, "GdipGetImageHeight" TO `GdipGetImageHeight` SYS "GetProcAddress", gdip%, "GdipGetImageWidth" TO `GdipGetImageWidth` SYS "GetProcAddress", gdip%, "GdipCreateFromHDC" TO `GdipCreateFromHDC` SYS "GetProcAddress", gdip%, "GdipSetSmoothingMode" TO `GdipSetSmoothingMode` SYS "GetProcAddress", gdip%, "GdipDeleteGraphics" TO `GdipDeleteGraphics` SYS "GetProcAddress", gdip%, "GdipDisposeImage" TO `GdipDisposeImage` SYS "GetProcAddress", gdip%, "GdiplusShutdown" TO `GdiplusShutdown` DIM tSI{GdiplusVersion%, DebugEventCallback%, \ \ SuppressBackgroundThread%, SuppressExternalCodecs%} tSI.GdiplusVersion% = 1 SYS `GdiplusStartup`, ^lGDIP%, tSI{}, 0 SYS `GdipLoadImageFromFile`, pic%, ^image% IF image% = 0 THEN SYS `GdiplusShutdown`, lGDIP% SYS "FreeLibrary", gdip% ERROR 90, "Couldn't load " + pic$ ENDIF SYS `GdipGetImageWidth`, image%, ^ix% SYS `GdipGetImageHeight`, image%, ^iy% SYS `GdipCreateFromHDC`, @memhdc%, ^gfx% IF gfx%=0 ERROR 90, "GdipCreateFromHDC failed" SYS `GdipSetSmoothingMode`, gfx%, 2 SYS `GdipDrawImageRectRectI`, gfx%, image%, xpos%, ypos%, xsize%, ysize%, \ \ 0, 0, ix%, iy%, 2, 0, 0, 0 SYS `GdipDeleteGraphics`, gfx% SYS `GdipDisposeImage`, image% SYS `GdiplusShutdown`, lGDIP% SYS "FreeLibrary", gdip% SYS "InvalidateRect", @hwnd%, 0, 0 SYS "UpdateWindow", @hwnd% ENDPROC The parameters are the path/filename of the image file, and the required position and size of the displayed image (measured in pixels from the top left-hand corner of the output window's client area).\\ \\ This code will also display **BMP**, **GIF** and **JPEG** images, and may do so with a better quality than the other methods. However it relies on the presence of the //GDI Plus// library so will work only on Windows XP (or later) or if you have specifically installed **GDIPLUS.DLL** on the target computer. Microsoft permits you to redistribute this file so you can include it with your program if necessary.

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