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Creating a PNG file from a Windows icon

by Richard Russell, February 2018

Both Windows icons and PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files support transparency - an alpha channel if you prefer - so it may be useful to convert the former to the latter. For example Android and Mac OS icons use PNG format, so if you want to convert a Windows icon to be suitable for those operating systems this is what you need. The PROCpngfromhicon() procedure listed below performs the required conversion; its parameters are the path and filename of the PNG file to be created, a handle to the icon and the width and height of the icon (the routine could have discovered the dimensions itself, but in the program for which it was written they were already known). If you need to resize the icon the CopyImage API will do that.

The procedure has a dependency on GDIPlus so you will need to include this code in the initialisation section of your program:

        INSTALL @lib$ + "GDIPLIB"
        SYS "GetModuleHandle", "GDIPLUS.DLL" TO gdip%
        SYS "GetProcAddress", gdip%, "GdipCreateBitmapFromScan0" TO `GdipCreateBitmapFromScan0`
        SYS "GetProcAddress", gdip%, "GdipSaveImageToFile"       TO `GdipSaveImageToFile`

and this code should be executed on exit:


Here is the procedure itself:

        DEF PROCpngfromhicon(png$, hicon%, w%, h%)
        LOCAL I%, bitmap%, wide%, ole32%, cfs%
        LOCAL pixel%(), alpha%(), bmi{}, ii{}, clsid{}
        DIM wide% LOCAL MAX_PATH * 2
        DIM bmi{Size%, Width%, Height%, Planes{l&,h&}, BitCount{l&,h&}, \
        \       Compression%, SizeImage%, XPelsPerMeter%, YPelsPerMeter%, \
        \       ClrUsed%, ClrImportant%}
        DIM ii{fIcon%, xHotspot%, yHotspot%, hbmMask%, hbmColor%}
        DIM clsid{a%, b%, c%, d%, e%, f%, g%, h%}
        SYS "LoadLibrary", "OLE32" TO ole32%
        SYS "GetProcAddress", ole32%, "CLSIDFromString" TO cfs%
        SYS "MultiByteToWideChar", 0, 0, "{557CF406-1A04-11D3-9A73-0000F81EF32E}", -1, wide%, MAX_PATH
        SYS cfs%, wide%, clsid{}
        SYS "GetIconInfo", hicon%, ii{}
        bmi.Size% = DIM(bmi{})
        bmi.Width% = w%
        bmi.Height% = -h%
        bmi.Planes.l& = 1
        bmi.BitCount.l& = 32
        bmi.Compression% = BI_RGB
        DIM pixel%(w% * h% - 1)
        SYS "GetDIBits", @memhdc%, ii.hbmColor%, 0, h%, ^pixel%(0), bmi{}, DIB_RGB_COLORS
        FOR I% = 0 TO h%*w% - 1
          IF pixel%(I%) AND &FF000000 EXIT FOR
        IF I% >= h%*w% THEN
          DIM alpha%(w% * h% - 1)
          SYS "GetDIBits", @memhdc%, ii.hbmMask%, 0, h%, ^alpha%(0), bmi{}, DIB_RGB_COLORS
          FOR I% = 0 TO h%*w% - 1
            IF alpha%(I%)=FALSE pixel%(I%) OR= &FF000000
        SYS `GdipCreateBitmapFromScan0`, w%, h%, 4*w%, &26200A, ^pixel%(0), ^bitmap%
        SYS "MultiByteToWideChar", CP_ACP, 0, png$, -1, wide%, MAX_PATH
        SYS `GdipSaveImageToFile`, bitmap%, wide%, clsid{}, 0
        SYS !(!bitmap%+8), bitmap% : REM Bitmap::Release
        SYS "FreeLibrary", ole32%
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