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=====Creating a dialogue box from a resource===== //by Richard Russell, May 2006, revised April 2012//\\ \\ The normal method of creating a dialogue box in BBC BASIC for Windows is to call the procedures in the **WINLIB2** library:\\ * PROC_pushbutton * PROC_checkbox * PROC_radiobutton * PROC_editbox * PROC_static * PROC_listbox * PROC_combobox * PROC_dlgitem * PROC_dlgctrl \\ However there may be circumstances when the dialogue box has already been designed and its template is contained as a //resource// within a DLL or EXE file. In that case you can create the dialogue box in your program using the resource data. The code example below creates a dialogue box from the resource data for BB4W's **Customize** dialogue (in BBCWIN.EXE or BBCWDEM.EXE):\\ \\ INSTALL @lib$+"WINLIB2" REM Acquire handle to BBCWIN.EXE or BBCWDEM.EXE: SYS "GetModuleHandle", 0 TO hmod% REM Locate specific dialog box resource: SYS "FindResource", hmod%, "CustomizeDlg", 5 TO hres% REM Load dialogue template into memory: SYS "LoadResource", hmod%, hres% TO hload% SYS "LockResource", hload% TO hmem% REM Find size of template: SYS "SizeofResource", hmod%, hres% TO rsize% dlg% = FN_newdialog("",0,0,0,0,0,rsize%+16) REM Copy dialogue template into dlg% array: SYS "RtlMoveMemory", dlg%+16, hmem%, rsize% REM Display dialogue box: dlg%?19 OR= &10 : REM Add WS_VISIBLE style PROC_showdialog(dlg%) Naturally this code will only run within the **BB4W IDE**, because if compiled to an executable file the dialogue box resource data will not be present.\\ \\ To load the dialogue box resource data from a different file (for example a DLL) then replace the call to "GetModuleHandle" with a call to "LoadLibrary" as follows:\\ SYS "LoadLibrary", "EXAMPLE.DLL" TO hmod% You can embed one or more resources in your own compiled executable as follows:\\ - Create the resource in 'Resource Compiler' (**.RC**) format. - Compile the resource from a **.RC** file to a **.RES** file using a Resource Compiler. - Specify that the resource should be embedded in your program using **REM!Resource**. \\ To enable you to develop and test your program in the BB4W IDE you can initially create a 'dummy' executable, by compiling a program containing only the "REM!Resource" directive:\\ REM!Exefile @dir$+"myprog.exe",encrypt REM!Resource @dir$+"mydialog.res" Then you can access the resource from the 'real' program as follows:\\ SYS "LoadLibrary", @dir$+"myprog.exe" TO hmod% When you eventually compile your program, containing the resources in its EXE file, this will still work.

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