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 +=====Compatibility with Wine (LBB)=====
 +//by Richard Russell, January 2016//\\ \\ //LB Booster// will run satisfactorily under Linux (x86) using **Wine** but there are a few known compatibility issues:\\ \\ 
 +  * In order for LBB to run at all, the directory **lib** must first be manually created as a subdirectory of the Wine **%temp%** directory. This is a workaround for [[http://​​show_bug.cgi?​id=25207|Wine bug #25207]]; it need only be done once.
 +  * The **Change icon** button in the **Make executable** dialog does not work. There is no known workaround for this.
 +  * The **Paste** command does not work in the main program editor window. This issue can be fixed by replacing Wine's **RICHED20.DLL** with a copy of the genuine Microsoft DLL of the same name.
 +\\  If any other incompatibilities are spotted please either edit this Wiki page yourself or inform the author.
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