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 +====3D object order can matter====
 +//by Richard Russell, November 2018//
 +One would not expect the order in which 3D objects are specified (i.e. the order in which they are listed in the arrays passed to [[http://​​bbcwin/​manual/​bbcwing.html#​render|PROC_render]]) to matter - after all the GPU has to plot them in Z-order anyway to ensure that foreground objects occlude background objects. However there appears to be an important exception when it comes to objects with transparent (or partially transparent) textures.
 +Ordinarily, 3D objects (whether plain-coloured,​ texture-mapped or having a material) are opaque and any object(s) '​behind'​ will not be visible. However it is possible to specify a texture with an alpha-channel,​ in which case regions of the object can be made see-through (for example one might model a wall as a simple plane object but use the texture-map'​s alpha channel to create windows). This technique is used in the '​'​ Rotating World demo in which the land masses on the 'far side' can be seen.
 +It appears to be necessary to order the objects in the arrays so that the object with the transparent texture is listed after any objects that need to be seen '​through'​ it. If not, the alpha channel seems to be ignored and the object treated as opaque again. The particular example, which confused me for ages yesterday, was a situation in which there were three objects, the second of which had a transparent '​window'​. The first object could be seen through this window, but the third object couldn'​t!
 +So if you have any objects with transparent textures, list them last. Note that the texture map's alpha channel is not enabled by default; to enable it one must add the following code after the call to [[http://​​bbcwin/​manual/​bbcwing.html#​initd3d|FN_initd3d]] or __FN_initgl__:​
 +<code bb4w>
 +      SYS!(!device%+200),​ device%, 27, 1 : REM ALPHABLENDENABLE
 +      SYS!(!device%+200),​ device%, 19, 5 : REM SRCBLEND
 +      SYS!(!device%+200),​ device%, 20, 6 : REM DSTBLEND
 +(where //device%// is the value returned from FN_initd3d)
 +<code bb4w>
 +      GL_BLEND = &0BE2
 +      GL_SRC_ALPHA = &0302
 +      GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA = &0303
 +      SYS "​glEnable",​ GL_BLEND, @memhdc%
 +      SYS "​glBlendFunc",​ GL_SRC_ALPHA,​ GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA,​ @memhdc%
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