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{{bbprhead.gif}}\\ ---- This Wiki contains a set of technical articles for //BBC BASIC// programmers, in an easy-to-use form. You can simply browse the contents using the **Category List** below, or search for a word or phrase by typing it into the **Search** box and pressing Enter. Most importantly, //you// can contribute to the Wiki by submitting your own articles and adding to or correcting existing ones. Please make sure that your articles are well-structured, that the grammar and spelling are correct (to the best of your ability!) and that any code examples are thoroughly tested. The usefulness of this site is entirely dependent on the quality of the articles submitted. ==== Category List ==== * [[/Assembler|Assembler]]\\ Articles related to assembly language programming. * [[/BBC%20BASIC%20Language|BBC BASIC Language]]\\ Articles related to BBC BASIC syntax, keywords etc.\\ Articles related to variables, arrays, strings, data structures etc. * [[/Communication%20and%20Input-Output|Communication and I/O]]\\ Articles related to network, internet and socket programming.\\ Articles related to serial, parallel, Bluetooth, USB etc. input/output. * [[/Database%20and%20Files|Database and Files]]\\ Articles related to database technologies.\\ Articles related to handling files, directories and disks.\\ Articles related to specific file formats. * [[/Graphics%20and%20Games|Graphics and Games]]\\ Articles related to graphics (2D and 3D) and animation.\\ Articles related to games programming. * [[/Libraries|Libraries]]\\ List of currently available libraries.\\ Articles related to the use and development of libraries. * [[/Manual|Manual]]\\ Links to the BBC BASIC for Windows Help documentation.\\ Links to other sources of reference information. * [[/Operating%20System|Operating System]]\\ Articles related to Operating System features not covered elsewhere.\\ Articles related to calling DLLs, OCXs, object methods etc.\\ Articles related to COM/OLE Automation. * [[/Program%20Editor%20and%20IDE|Program Editor and IDE]]\\ Articles related to the BBC BASIC for Windows program editor.\\ Articles related to the compiler and other IDE tools. * [[/Sound%2C%20Music%20and%20Video|Sound, Music and Video]]\\ Articles related to sound, music and video programming.\\ Articles related to multimedia applications. * [[/Tools%20and%20Utilities|Tools and Utilities]]\\ List of available software tools to aid programming productivity.\\ Descriptions and download locations of add-on utilities. * [[/Tutorials|Tutorials]]\\ Articles specifically teaching aspects of BB4W programming.\\ Links to external tutorials. * [[/User%20Interface|User Interface]]\\ Articles related to the mouse, keyboard and screen.\\ Articles related to the Windows Graphical User Interface. The owner of this site reserves the right to change, add to, or delete any articles without notice. ==== Cookies ==== The BBC BASIC Programmers' Reference Wiki uses cookies to identify you when you log on to edit pages and to remember your session preferences.

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