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=====Speech Recognition (Shared)===== //by Rob Jeffs, February 2017//\\ \\ The code below demonstrates Command and Control speech recognition for a Shared Recognizer, via the API route (not COM automation/ActiveX). Although, confusingly, the first unavoidable step is to create an instance of a speech recognizer object using COM automation!\\ \\ Microsoft's online documentation provided the basis for this demonstration, including examples of xml Grammar files. The documentation contains object method lists in VTable order, which relate to the offsets in the SYS commands below; however, be aware that method tables include methods inherited from other objects.\\ \\ When running the code, the operating system may open a set-up wizard if speech recognition hasn't been used before. Because we're using a shared recognizer, this means that the desktop and other applications may also be listening for commands spoken by the user. A small 'User Interface' should appear, through which the microphone can be turned on and off. A related menu can be accessed via the icon bar, and it may be necessary to adjust the speech recognition language to English-US via the Control Panel / Advanced Speech Options. (The best results were obtained using a plug in microphone, without training.)\\ \\ Note: IIDFromString and CLSIDFromString perform identical functions\\ \\ INSTALL @lib$+"COMLIB" PROC_cominit SYS "GetModuleHandle","OLE32.DLL" TO O% SYS "GetProcAddress",O%,"IIDFromString" TO `IIDFromString` SYS "GetProcAddress",O%,"CoTaskMemFree" TO `CoTaskMemFree` DIM spevent{idpt%,stream%,audio_lo%,audio_hi%,wparam%,lparam%}:REM SPEVENT structure DIM multib% 255:REM For converting 8 bit ASCII to 16 bit ON CLOSE PROCcleanup:QUIT ON ERROR PROCcleanup:REPORT:END sr%=0:rc%=0:grammar%=0:REM Object pointers PROCinit_speech_recog(@dir$+"GrammarColor.xml","ruleColors") text%=0:REM Pointer to text returned from Recognition Result PRINT"Listening..." REPEAT REM Poll the speech recognition event queue spevent.lparam%=0 REM GetEvents by calling RecoContext method SYS !(!rc%+44),rc%,1,spevent{},0 IF spevent.lparam%<>0 THEN REM GetText by calling a Result method (Result is object in lparam%) SYS !(!spevent.lparam%+20),spevent.lparam%,-1,-1,0,^text%,0 REM Make string from GetText T$="":a=0 REPEAT c=text%?a:a+=2:IF c<>0 THEN T$+=CHR$(c) UNTIL c=0 PRINT T$ REM Release memory used for GetText SYS `CoTaskMemFree`,text% REM lparam% contains object pointer to RecoResult PROC_releaseobject(spevent.lparam%) ENDIF WAIT 4 UNTIL FALSE END DEF PROCinit_speech_recog(P$,R$) LOCAL C%,I% REM Create Shared Recognizer DIM C% LOCAL 15,I% LOCAL 15 PROCconvert_to_wide("{C2B5F241-DAA0-4507-9E16-5A1EAA2B7A5C}"):REM IID_ISpRecognizer SYS `IIDFromString`,multib%,I% PROCconvert_to_wide("{3BEE4890-4FE9-4A37-8C1E-5E7E12791C1F}"):REM CLSID_SpSharedRecognizer SYS `CLSIDFromString`,multib%,C% SYS `CoCreateInstance`,C%,0,15,I%,^sr%:REM CLSCTX_ALL REM Create RecoContext by calling a SharedRecognizer method SYS !(!sr%+48),sr%,^rc% REM Create Grammar object by calling a RecoContext method SYS !(!rc%+56),rc%,0,0,^grammar% REM Load Grammar file (xml) by calling a Grammar method PROCconvert_to_wide(P$) SYS !(!grammar%+52),grammar%,multib%,0 REM Set Rule State to active by calling a Grammar method PROCconvert_to_wide(R$) SYS !(!grammar%+72),grammar%,multib%,0,1 ENDPROC DEF PROCconvert_to_wide(T$) SYS "MultiByteToWideChar",0,0,T$,-1,multib%,LEN(T$)+1 ENDPROC DEF PROCcleanup ON ERROR OFF IF grammar%>0 THEN PROC_releaseobject(grammar%) IF rc%>0 THEN PROC_releaseobject(rc%):REM RecoContext IF sr%>0 THEN PROC_releaseobject(sr%):REM Shared Recognizer PROC_comexit ENDPROC \\ \\ Here's the xml source required for recognizing the names of BASIC colours. It can be entered via Notepad and should be saved as GrammarColor.xml\\ \\ <grammar version="1.0" xml:lang="en-UK" mode="voice" root="ruleColors" xmlns="" tag-format="semantics/1.0"> <rule id="ruleColors" scope="public"> <one-of> <item> red </item> <item> green </item> <item> yellow </item> <item> blue </item> <item> magenta </item> <item> cyan </item> <item> white </item> <item> black </item> </one-of> </rule> </grammar>

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