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Simple list box

by Richard Russell, February 2012

A simple List Box may be used to display a list of items which is too big to fit in the output window in its entirety. The List Box provides the ability to scroll through the list, without the overheads associated with a dialogue box:

        LB_ADDSTRING = 384
        WS_BORDER = &800000
        WS_VSCROLL = &200000
        INSTALL @lib$+"WINLIB5"
        hlb% = FN_listbox("", 50, 50, 200, 100, 1, WS_BORDER+WS_VSCROLL)
        FOR item% = 1 TO 10
          READ item$
          SYS "SendMessage", hlb%, LB_ADDSTRING, 0, item$
        DATA Here, are, some, items, to, put, in, the, list, box
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