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Sending an email with attachments

by Richard Russell, October 2012, corrected August 2015

See also [[/Sending%20an%20HTML%20email%20with%20optional%20attachments|Sending an HTML email with optional attachments]]

In the article Sending an email automatically the procedure PROCsendmail() automatically sends an email using the SOCKLIB library. Listed below is a procedure which performs the same function except that you can specify one or more files to attach to the email. The final parameter is a comma-separated list of the pathnames of the file(s) you wish to attach. The procedure might be called as follows:

        INSTALL @lib$+"SOCKLIB"
        SMTP$    = ""
        From$    = "sender@somewhere"
        To$      = "recipient@elsewhere"
        Subject$ = "Test of sending attachments"
        ReplyTo$ = "reallyme@myaddress"
        Message$ = "This is a test of sending an email with attachments."
        Attach$ =  "C:\invoice12345.pdf, " + \
        \          """C:\Program Files\BBC BASIC for Windows\readme.txt"""

The calling program should first check that the attached files actually exist, because if not PROCattach() will abort with an error and not terminate the SMTP transaction; this could leave the server 'in limbo'. Note that if an attached file path contains spaces or punctuation characters you must enclose it in quotes.

Here is PROCsendmailattach(); like PROCsendmail() it cannot be used if authentication is required so in practice that probably means that your ISP's SMTP server must be used:

        DEF PROCsendmailattach(smtp$,from$,rcpt$,cc$,bcc$,subject$,replyto$,body$,attach$)
        LOCAL D%, S%, skt%, comma%, reply$, file$
        DIM D% LOCAL 31, S% LOCAL 15
        SYS "GetLocalTime", S%
        SYS "GetDateFormat", 0, 0, S%, "ddd, dd MMM yyyy ", D%, 18
        SYS "GetTimeFormat", 0, 0, S%, "HH:mm:ss +0000", D%+17, 15
        D%?31 = 13
        skt% = FN_tcpconnect(smtp$,"mail")
        IF skt% <= 0 skt% = FN_tcpconnect(smtp$,"25")
        IF skt% <= 0 ERROR 100, "Failed to connect to mail server"
        IF FN_readlinesocket(skt%, 1000, reply$)
        WHILE FN_readlinesocket(skt%, 10, reply$) > 0 : ENDWHILE
        PROCsend(skt%,"HELO "+FN_gethostname)
        PROCmail(skt%,"MAIL FROM: ",from$)
        IF rcpt$<>"" PROClist(skt%,rcpt$)
        IF cc$<>"" PROClist(skt%,cc$)
        IF bcc$<>"" PROClist(skt%,bcc$)
        PROCsend(skt%, "DATA")
        IF FN_writelinesocket(skt%, "Date: "+$D%)
        IF FN_writelinesocket(skt%, "From: "+from$)
        IF FN_writelinesocket(skt%, "To: "+rcpt$)
        IF cc$<>"" IF FN_writelinesocket(skt%, "Cc: "+cc$)
        IF subject$<>"" IF FN_writelinesocket(skt%, "Subject: "+subject$)
        IF replyto$<>"" IF FN_writelinesocket(skt%, "Reply-To: "+replyto$)
        IF FN_writelinesocket(skt%, "MIME-Version: 1.0")
        IF attach$="" THEN
          IF FN_writelinesocket(skt%, "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII")
          IF FN_writelinesocket(skt%, "Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary=""BB4Wsep""")
          IF FN_writelinesocket(skt%, "")
          IF FN_writelinesocket(skt%, "--BB4Wsep")
          IF FN_writelinesocket(skt%, "Content-Type: text/plain")
          IF FN_writelinesocket(skt%, "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit")
        IF FN_writelinesocket(skt%, "")
        IF FN_writelinesocket(skt%, body$)
        IF attach$<>"" THEN
            WHILE ASCattach$=32 attach$ = MID$(attach$,2) : ENDWHILE
            IF ASCattach$=34 THEN
              file$ = EVAL(attach$)
              comma% = INSTR(attach$, ",", LENfile$)
              comma% = INSTR(attach$, ",")
              IF comma% file$ = LEFT$(attach$, comma%-1) ELSE file$ = attach$
            PROCattach(skt%, file$)
            attach$ = MID$(attach$, comma%+1)
          UNTIL comma%=0
          IF FN_writelinesocket(skt%, "--BB4Wsep--")
        IF FN_writelinesocket(skt%, ".")
        DEF PROClist(skt%,list$)
        LOCAL comma%
          WHILE ASClist$=32 list$=MID$(list$,2):ENDWHILE
          comma% = INSTR(list$,",")
          IF comma% THEN
            PROCmail(skt%,"RCPT TO: ",LEFT$(list$,comma%-1))
            list$ = MID$(list$,comma%+1)
            PROCmail(skt%,"RCPT TO: ",list$)
        UNTIL comma% = 0
        DEF PROCmail(skt%,cmd$,mail$)
        LOCAL I%,J%
        I% = INSTR(mail$,"<")
        J% = INSTR(mail$,">",I%)
        IF I% IF J% THEN
          PROCsend(skt%, cmd$+MID$(mail$,I%,J%-I%+1))
          PROCsend(skt%, cmd$+"<"+mail$+">")
        DEF PROCsend(skt%,cmd$)
        LOCAL reply$
        IF FN_writelinesocket(skt%,cmd$) < 0 THEN
          ERROR 100, "Send failed"
        IF FN_readlinesocket(skt%, 200, reply$)
        WHILE FN_readlinesocket(skt%, 10, reply$) > 0 : ENDWHILE
        DEF PROCattach(skt%,file$)
        LOCAL D%, F%, I%, L%, N%, A$, B$
        B$ = "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/"
        F% = OPENIN(file$)
        IF F%=0 ERROR 100, "Failed to open attached file " + file$
          D% = INSTR(file$, "\")
          IF D%=0 D% = INSTR(file$, "/")
          IF D% file$ = MID$(file$, D%+1)
        UNTIL D%=0
        IF FN_writelinesocket(skt%, "")
        IF FN_writelinesocket(skt%, "--BB4Wsep")
        IF FN_writelinesocket(skt%, "Content-Type: application/octet-stream")
        IF FN_writelinesocket(skt%, "Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="+file$)
        IF FN_writelinesocket(skt%, "Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64")
        IF FN_writelinesocket(skt%, "")
        L% = EXT#F%
        WHILE NOT EOF#F%
          N% = L% - PTR#F%
          D% = BGET#F% << 16 OR BGET#F% << 8 OR BGET#F%
          FOR I% = 1 TO 4 : A$ += MID$(B$,(D% >>> 18)+1,1) : D% = D% << 6 AND &FFFFFF : NEXT
          IF N%=1 RIGHT$(A$,2) = "==" ELSE IF N%=2 RIGHT$(A$) = "="
          IF LENA$>=72 IF FN_writelinesocket(skt%,A$)=0 A$ = ""
        IF A$<>"" IF FN_writelinesocket(skt%, A$)
        CLOSE #F%
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