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Line 19: Line 19:
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-Here is the helper program, save it as ****:​+Here is the helper program, save it from the IDE as ****:​
 <code bb4w> <code bb4w>
Line 33: Line 33:
       REM. Open BAS file:       REM. Open BAS file:
-      F% = OPENINMID$(@cmd$,​P%+1)+      F% = OPENIN MID$(@cmd$,​P%+1)
       IF F% = 0 ERROR 0, "​Couldn'​t open file " + MID$(@cmd$,​P%+1)       IF F% = 0 ERROR 0, "​Couldn'​t open file " + MID$(@cmd$,​P%+1)
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