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Overcoming the memory limit

by Richard Russell, March 2014

LB Booster's memory limit (versions 2.00 to 2.53) is similar to that of LB 4.04. For example in both cases a numeric array with 8 million elements can be successfully created but one with 10 million elements cannot (LBB reports a DIM space error and LB 4.04 reports a system primitive failed error).

However in LBB there is a simple way of overcoming the limit on the size of an array: use REDIM rather than DIM! If you use REDIM you can create an array with 100 million elements or more, if you have sufficient RAM:

      redim array(100000000) 

In LBB versions 2.60 and later the memory limit has been raised, to approximately 500 Megabytes. Therefore you can DIM a numeric array up to around 50 million elements without taking special measures. Nevertheless the technique described above still applies - to dimension a larger array use REDIM. The maximum amount of memory available is about 1.5 Gbytes, or the amount of RAM fitted to your PC, whichever is the smaller.

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