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Discovering the system power status

by Richard Russell, October 2011

The code listed below reports the current system power status, including whether the PC is operating from batteries or from the mains, the current battery status and the remaining battery life (if appropriate).

        DIM sps{ACLineStatus&, BatteryFlag&, BatteryLifePercent&, Reserved1&, \
        \       BatteryLifeTime%, BatteryFullLifeTime%}
        SYS "GetSystemPowerStatus", sps{}
        CASE sps.ACLineStatus& OF
          WHEN 0: PRINT "Operating from batteries"
          WHEN 1: PRINT "Operating on mains"
        CASE sps.BatteryFlag& OF
          WHEN 1: PRINT "Battery charge status is high"
          WHEN 2: PRINT "Battery charge status is low"
          WHEN 4: PRINT "Battery charge status is critical"
          WHEN 8: PRINT "Battery is charging"
          WHEN 128: PRINT "No battery fitted"
        IF sps.BatteryLifeTime%<>-1 THEN
          PRINT "Approximate remaining battery life is "; \
          \     sps.BatteryLifeTime% DIV 60 " minutes"
        IF sps.BatteryFullLifeTime%<>-1 THEN
          PRINT "Approximate battery life when fully charged is "; \
          \     sps.BatteryFullLifeTime% DIV 60 " minutes"
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