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   * [[/​Simulating%20a%20union|Simulating a union]]   * [[/​Simulating%20a%20union|Simulating a union]]
   * [[/​Sorting%20the%20characters%20in%20a%20string|Sorting the characters in a string]]   * [[/​Sorting%20the%20characters%20in%20a%20string|Sorting the characters in a string]]
 +  * [[/​sub-structure_arrays|Sub-structure arrays]]
   * [[/​Summing%20part%20of%20an%20array|Summing part of an array]]   * [[/​Summing%20part%20of%20an%20array|Summing part of an array]]
   * [[/​Using%2016-bit%20floating%20point%20values|Using 16-bit floating point values]]   * [[/​Using%2016-bit%20floating%20point%20values|Using 16-bit floating point values]]
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