Learning math with BBC Basic

Here you can link to screenshots and demos etc. of programs made using BBC BASIC
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Learning math with BBC Basic

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Three month ago I was trying to figure out the angles regarding my robot mover. After several attempts and learned it was not as simple as I assumed.

After a while I realized I had to deal with the functions SIN and COS. I had in the past seen those functions used in drawing circles, but had not understood the math at all.

Then I ran into the never seen unit circle, at least for me. I was astonished how fantastic how the angles and PI are working.

After "million" attempts I was able to graph in 3D. Now I can move to or draw to any given x,y,z.

I can rotate figures on three axes, zoom and adjust angles on the axes and draw circles(polygons).

Earlier I tried Python and the syntax is learnable but strange to me and graphics(Tkinter) even more strangely.

C++ by Bjarne Stoustrup a fellow Dane is very sophisticated and learnable with a steep learning curve. I like the way the C code looks and normally not compact.

Comal also a Danish programing language and I can with little effort switch between BBC Basic. The super advance for me is Comal syntax checks your line of code each time you press enter. I avoid a lots run time errors.

In BBC Basic I have all I need in one package and Richard nearby!

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