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Do you receive email notifications of posts to the forum?

I already receive email notifications.
I don't currently receive notifications, but will do so now.
I don't receive notifications, and don't intend to.
I'd rather not say.
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Hated Moron
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Forum notifications poll

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Until I re-joined recently I had no idea how active this forum was (only the Announcements section is visible to non-members), so I've been somewhat surprised to discover that it is deathly quiet!

To get a feel for the potential 'audience' for announcements made here, it would be helpful to know how many members are subscribed to receive email notifications of posts. Consequently I have created the attached poll.

To remind you, receiving notifications of all new posts involves individually subscribing to the 19 sub-forums (Announcements, BBC BASIC language, Miscellaneous etc.)! Nevertheless it doesn't take very long.

To do that click on each of the forum titles in turn, scroll down to the extreme bottom of the page, and click on Subscribe forum. Misleadingly, if the box is ticked (checked) it means you are not subscribed!

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