Anyone interested in an "Advent Challenge"?

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Anyone interested in an "Advent Challenge"?

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Hi Folks,

With the folding of the idea of a grand games competition, would there be any interest in a more modest challenge? I propose to post a small problem each day, which is likely to benefit from a computational approach in the broadest sense, and/or provide opportunities to use BBC BASIC to illustrate the problem and its solution. Most would be pretty straightforward to solve. Obviously the problems would have some sort of Christmassy scenario.

I've thought of about half a dozen as a starting point, some of which might have later, more complex follow-ons. Any contributions from others would be welcome, though I reserve the right to use/not use/modify them (probably to make them easier!). My enthusiasm for thinking up new problems will be directly correlated with the number of people showing an interest, and preferably posting solutions....


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Re: Anyone interested in an "Advent Challenge"?

Post by Ric »

I am always up for a challenge, but the same answer to David's idea, if it were to be daily for example, work would get in the way. Could you clarify how often you are thinking of setting a challenge. For me, worst case scenario, I will try to post as often as possible.

Sorry that sounded like a downer, it is not meant to. Any idea to promote BB4W is a good idea to me. Next year it will be 40 years since o started my first program, where did those years go?

Kind regards Ric

David Williams

Re: Anyone interested in an "Advent Challenge"?

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I can't commit to taking part or proposing ideas, but I'll certainly look on with interest, at least. I'm about to embark on making a 'digital Christmas card' of sorts - basically a demo, probably for BBCSDL using the new GfxLib library. So a fair chunk of my spare time will be taken up by that.