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Re: BBCBASIC and C++

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Well, congratulations. Programming is all about having fun, so if C++ does it for you, jolly good luck to you. At least for the moment, I'm sticking to BB4W.

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Re: BBCBASIC and C++

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Hi Ivan,

Glad you are doing well with C++ - but I wouldn't describe shifting to BBC-SDL as "learning a new BASIC": at the "basic" level (i.e. using only the BASIC commands) it is virtually identical - the only substantial differences come when you start using SYS commands...

Best wishes,


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Re: BBCBASIC and C++

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@Ken: I agree and I find coding cosy-ish. Especially when I succeed in making a great function, that does exactly, what I had coded it to.

Sometimes I create a function, that I call a monster. No matter what I throws at it, it bites me. As I usually says to my wife - it does exactly what I coded it, to do. Again I was over confident and did not pay enough attention to the fine art of coding.

@DDRM: I had a go at BBC-SDL and it was not for my taste. I also needed a better configurable IDE with spell checking, indentions and a more sophisticated debugger, when the coding logic is derailing. I ended with CodeBlocks.

When my BBCBASIC programs goes over 1000 lines and I did one last year with about 3000 lines, I'm loosing the overview. In c++ you separate declarations in header files and definitions in cpp files. And if try to code anything that does not conform with the your own declaration - you will be prompted. C++ is also a beast especially with error messages and there is no mercy!

Also the strict typing, helps me a lot. If e.g. create an unused variable or reuse a name, I will be confronted.

With my kind of dyslexia the above helps me a lot and not to forget - C++ is very, very fast, but my heart belong to BBCBASIC!


BBC Model B - 1984-1989. 6502 assembler, Unicomal 1988-1994, Some C and C++, Pascal 1990-1994. Bought a copy of BBC-BASIC 2007, but started to program at a daily basis 2019. C++ in 2021.