Free unlimited-memory edition of BB4W!

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Free unlimited-memory edition of BB4W!

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The trial edition of BBC BASIC for Windows is limited to 32 Kbytes of memory for your program, variables and stack (although HIMEM can be raised a little to make more memory available, at the expense of space for libraries). However it has for some years been possible to obtain, quite legitimately, an entirely free copy of BB4W with no such memory limit, by downloading LB Booster. This comes with the full, unrestricted, BB4W runtime engine (albeit not the latest version).

The problem with that approach is the absence of an IDE (other than what is provided by LBB, which is designed for Liberty BASIC rather than BBC BASIC). The most practical solution has probably been to use the editor in the trial edition of BB4W to write and edit your programs, but then to execute them using the LBB runtime engine. However this is messy and provides no integrated debugging or profiling capabilities.

I have therefore built a standalone executable version of SDLIDE and uploaded it to the group's Files section as SDLIDE_for_BB4W.exe. This combines SDLIDE v1.21a with the BB4W v6.14a runtime engine to produce a complete, self-contained, integrated development environment for BB4W with no memory limits. It should run without having either BB4W or BBCSDL installed, although to use the Compile utility you will still need the full version of BB4W.

This package comes with the full set of BB4W libraries but no example programs or documentation; they can be obtained from the trial edition of BB4W if required. It supports all the facilities of SDLIDE, including breakpoints, alphabetically-sorted list of FNs/PROCs, debugging (pause, single-step etc.), list variables, profiler, program compare tool, cross-reference utility, search utility, memory monitor utility and macro recorder.

Of course it's not the same as the BB4W IDE, and some people may find it to have some limitations (imposed in some cases by needing to be cross-platform). But SDLIDE and the associated utilities are all written in BBC BASIC, and indeed 'simple' BBC BASIC as is necessary to ensure cross-platform compatibility. So rather than complain about any limitations or features that don't work quite as you would like, submit a patch!