Putting a shortcut on the iOS home screen.

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Putting a shortcut on the iOS home screen.

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As mentioned in the v1.30a release announcement the ability to create a custom icon on the iOS home screen has been reinstated, after having stopped working in an earlier version. I have therefore copied below the original post describing how to do that, with a couple of updates:

The iOS edition supports putting a shortcut to a BBC BASIC program on the home screen (desktop), in a similar way to the Android edition. To create such a shortcut you will need to download and install the Iconical app (£2.99 in the UK). Note that for some reason it doesn't always appear in an App Store search (although it is there); in that case search for it in your browser instead. Once installed, perform the following steps:
  1. Open Iconical and on the initial page tap 'App URL'.

  2. Enter the required custom URL which will be com.rtrussell.BBCBasic://program.bbc (where program.bbc, in BBC Basic's @usr$ directory, is what you want to run).

  3. Optionally, select an icon for the home screen shortcut.

  4. In the 'Icon Title' box type the title that you want to appear on the home screen, then tap 'Create Home Screen Icon'.

  5. Safari will be opened automatically. Follow the directions and tap on the 'square with upwards pointing arrow' icon.

  6. Tap on 'Add to Home Screen' (you may need to scroll to find it) then on the next page tap 'Add'.
That's all there is to it! Bear in mind that the home screen shortcut thus created will only work if BBC Basic is not already running, since you cannot have multiple instances of the same app (the same is true of Android).
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