Syntax Differences Dialogue Functions

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Syntax Differences Dialogue Functions

Post by albertstc01 »

What are the DLG syntax differences between BBC4W and BBCSDL?
Are Dialogue Fuctions for BBCSDL listed somewhere?
Regards albertstc01

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Re: Syntax Differences Dialogue Functions

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Hi Albert(?),

I'm not ignoring you, but I don't have a lot of info to offer, and I was hoping someone else with a better knowledge of BBCSL would pitch in! :?

I think the simple answer is "no, there isn't a guide". I think Richard is hoping for a bit more user involvement in writing the support documentation for BBCSDL!

Perhaps more usefully, you could look at the code of the example program "" in the examples/general folder, which shows how to set up the dialogue and use a range of controls.

If you load the library itself into the IDE, and choose "list FN/PROCS" from the Utilities menu, you can get a list of all the functions. Clicking them will take you to the relevant section of code, so you can see what parameters are required. It's a very big list, but I think quite a number are "internal" ones used by the "main" routines!

If anyone wants to contribute some documentation (either as a free-standing document, and annotated program, or a more-heavily annotated version of the library), I dare say a number of people would be very grateful!

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