UNderstanding Envelope

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UNderstanding Envelope

Post by Repton »

I would like to determine the envelope parameters that relate to a saw tooth wave. (If that's possible)

Using Envelope and sound to produce a SID chip like sound

Any ideas?

Also does anyone remember the music 5000 system and Ample.

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Re: UNderstanding Envelope

Post by p_m21987 »


As far as I know, the ENVELOPE statement only allows you to control the amplitude and the pitch of a sound, not the waveform. I'm not confident that it would be possible to get the level of control over the sounds that you seem to be looking for.
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Re: UNderstanding Envelope

Post by DDRM »

Agreed: I don't think you'll be able to change the waveform using ENVELOPE. Have you looked at the HQSOUND library? INSTALLing that, and then choosing voice 1, might give you what you need?

Failing that you might need to re-write the wavetable, to generate the waveform you want. I haven't tried doing that yet, but Richard said it was an option. You'd need to find the address of the wavetable, but I think it's in the documentation somewhere (try the wiki). If you make this work, I know of at least ONE person who'd be interested to see your code! ;-)

An alternative approach, which I HAVE tried, is to write a WAV file in memory with the waveform you want, and then play that. That's unlikely to be an attractive approach for playing music, but might be if you just want a burst of sound with tightly defined characteristics.

If I get time I'll try to look at writing the wavetable, but don't hold your breath - I have a pile of marking to do..

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