Converting BBC basic windows to sdls

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Converting BBC basic windows to sdls

Post by Repton »

There are bbcw program that use windows lower level graphic api directly not directx how can these be converted to sdl ? Do you need specific knowledge of each api .some just use pure BBC basic command just needs a screen size definition
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Re: Converting BBC basic windows to sdls

Post by KenDown »

I'm afraid that I don't understand your question. Can you post an example or two of what you are asking about?

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Re: Converting BBC basic windows to sdls

Post by DDRM »

Hi Repton,

Programs that only use BBC BASIC commands should transfer pretty much "as is". If you are using Windows API commands (using SYS) you will need to find the SDL equivalent: the difficulty of conversion will depend on how similar the commands are!

Richard has produced equivalent versions of most libraries, so if you can manage the things you want through libraries, again conversion should be pretty straightforward.

Hope that's helpful - do come back with clarifications/examples if not!

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PS I've deleted the apparent duplicate post: if that was wrong, let me know (and why!)